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(Project of the Udunuwara Development Trust)

The need for a facility to cater to the differently abled children and adults living in the Udunuwara area was a long felt need.

House to House Need Assessment survey was conducted, over a period of three months, in our target area in 2017. This was followed by a health camp which was conducted by qualified professionals. As a result of these investigations more than 100 individuals have been identified, who are in need of urgent help. Large majority of these people were from very poor homes and are confined to their homes in a state of neglect. Many of them have never received professional help and their conditions have not been diagnosed by the qualified doctors.

Several attempts were made to establish such a facility over the years but could not be realized due to some reason or other. However thanks to the determined and persevering efforts of a few concerned individuals like Mr. Salman, who is an educationist, a counsellor and also a parent of a differently abled child, and our local philanthropist andwell wisherAl.Haj. M. FahmiMahroofthe discussions and dialogue continued. Regular consultations were held with professionals like Dr. RaizMusthafa,  ConsultantPediatrician, government officials, Heads of other Special Schools like the Blue Rose, CMS Akurana, Al.Hikma, Hemmathagama, Daffodils, kandy,  religious leaders and more importantly the parents of the differently abled children. As an outcome of these deliberations a steering committee was formed and with the blessings of ALSWT the ball started rolling.

The committee faced several issues and challenges. Among them were

  • Finding a suitable place to start the school.
  • Recruiting qualified staff
  • The number of students to be enrolled and selecting them through a screening process
  • Finding the financial resources to acquire the furniture, teaching aids and the play equipment.

All these matters were discussed over and over again BUT answers were difficult to find.

Finally it was decided to take the plunge and start the school with whatever resources that we could muster and leave the rest in the hands of ALSWT who is the all-knowing and merciful. Truly he is great and …………………………the baby was born

It was on the 04th of February 2018 – our Independence Day. Amidst a distinguished gathering of special invitees, philanthropists, religious leaders, government officials, parents and well wishers the AN-NOOR CENTRE FOR THE DIFFERENTLYABLED was declared open with four teachers and ten students in a temporary accommodation provided by the UDT within their premises.

During the last four months the school is gradually getting established and functioning smoothly under the able guidance of our Principal Dr. FarzanaGhouse who is a qualified Medical Officer and has sacrificed her medical career to look after her differently abled daughter aged 6 years. This was indeed a great blessing to the school as she is young, very knowledgeable and devoted. We are very confident that the school would reach great heights under her guidance and direction.

With the initiative taken by the President of our steering committee, Mr. Rajudeen, the school received a generous donation of Rs: 2.1 million towards the purchase of essential furniture, teaching aids and play equipment from an Irish philanthropist by the name of Geoff Meagher. On theinauguration day itself many of the philanthropists, who were present, committed to meet the running cost of the school which is very encouraging. A donation of Rs. 125,000.00 was received from our well wishers residing in Singapore

Our founder Al.Haj. M. FahmiMahroofhas donated a two acre land which is adjoining the UDT premises and plans are being drawn up to construct permanent buildings for the school in the near future. The building complex is estimated to cost approximately 57 million rupees and a fundraising event was held during the holy month of Ramazan at the UDT. A sum of Rs;………………has been pledged during this event.